Office Equipment Xerox

Canam Imaging deals with the sale of their parts and supplies. Fully reconditioned equipment sales are also part of their job. They also supply original Xerox parts and also supply several types of equipment from other manufacturers like Canon, Kodak, Konica, Minolta, Ricoh and many more.

Canam Imaging Company prices are always fair. With their over thirty years experience in the field of office equipment supply and services they have made a distinct move in customer satisfaction as far as service delivery is concerned. Canam Imaging also plays a great role in after sales services. This gives their customers peace of mind even when the equipment breaks down. With their experienced engineering staff who have vast experience in reconditioning of this equipment the company is able to repair any type of office equipment and thus avoid any customer disappointment that may arise upon their sold equipment malfunctioning.

When it comes to the resale of a company’s old equipment Canam Imaging Company is there. They are in a position to resell your old equipment and doing an entirely new installation within the shortest time possible. They offer services like sales and supply of parts, buying and selling of office equipment, maintenance, reconditioning of old equipment and they also offer technical support.

Reconditioned digital printing machines make it easy for those who know how to use the old equipment to start using a new model with the old features they are used to. For those who cannot afford to buy their products there is an option of leasing from Canam Imaging. They also rent their equipment.

In order to make sure that they meet all customer needs Canam Imaging can organize financing of their equipment.

With this a customer can have a chance to buy equipment on long term easy payments plans. Exporting of their equipment to various countries in the world has made them become one of the leading companies in digital printing equipment sales and service. Some of the products Canam Imaging deals with are paper cutters, paper punches, and machines for inserting mails. Others are the printing press, analogue copiers, machines used in packaging, postage machines, welders and conveyors.

For high quality technical support and maintenance as far as digital printing equipment is concerned one needs to go for a company that will perform all the above listed functions that are only available with Canan Imaging, a dealer in Xerox digital printing machines.

Many companies supply reconditioned equipment that is not from Xerox which cannot be trusted upon being reconditioned. Upon reconditioning of the equipment it is rebuilt once more, painted and cleaned thoroughly. Canam Imaging has the right professionals for doing the reconditioning work.

Another interesting feature with Canan Imaging is that if you buy a product like printing papers and ink and later you realize that you don’t need them in your store you can sell the items back to them and use the money in a different way or maybe buy another product from them. This is one of the aspects that many companies lack that has favored Canam Imaging.

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