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Clean and hygienic working environment can influence the performance and mood of the employees. No one would feel like working in an unhygienic environment that is messy with papers scattered all over the desks, with dust on files and tables or at the place that does not smell good. An unclean office or workspace can have serious effects on the health of its employees. If the workspace is kept unclean for long, the germs and bacteria start breeding, thus, inviting many diseases and allergic skin problems that effect badly on the health of the employees. Many office cleaning companies offer a number of cleaning and maintenance services to corporate set-ups, industrial buildings, commercial centers and malls and other establishments like schools, colleges, medical centers, nursing homes, banks, offices, apartment buildings, churches, constriction and real estate offices, factories, clubs, cinema halls, warehouses, hotels and car parking lots.

These cleaning companies offer a number of office cleaning services like vacuum cleaning and stain removing of carpets, maintenance of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems), disinfecting and cleaning of restroom areas, toilet fixtures urinals and hand basins, furnace and duct cleaning, mopping and cleaning of floors, vacuuming cleaning of chairs, sofas and other objects, dusting and cleaning of desktops, tables, chairs, windows and other surrounding areas and removal of trash. The above mentioned services are standard tasks that a cleaning company undertakes, but, office cleaning Sydney offers specialized services in carpet, upholstery, leather and curtain cleaning in commercial and domestic fields.

Most of these professional cleaning companies have modern, efficient and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and accessories for domestic and industrial applications that includes the following:

High pressure cleaners.
Advanced vacuum cleaners that have the ability to work for long hours and collect dust, dirt and other material from even narrowest spaces.
Heavy duty scrubber driers for hard floor cleaning tasks and compact in design, light weight and easy in handling.
Floor maintenance machines.
Floor buffers and propane buffers.
Airless paint sprayers with squeezable pressure-feed pumps.
Cold water jet cleaners.
Floor burnishers and floor strippers.
Electric air compressors.
Fluid handling equipments.
Floor sanders.
Wet, dry and industrial vacuum cleaners.
Biological safety cabinets.
Sterile garments storage cubicles.
Air shower entry systems.
Portable electrical tube cleaners.
Cleaning tools that can rotate through a tube at the tip of flexible shaft.
Fuel injector cleaners and testers.
Airless spray tips, holders, filters, airless spray gun systems.

The contact details of these companies can be found on the area website directories where the names and details of these companies are listed with their website links (if any). For example: North Sydney office cleaning company covers the areas of McMahons Point, Milsons Point and Neutral Bay in Australia. The prospective customer from any of the areas of McMahons Point, Milsons Point, Neutral Bay and other surrounding suburbs can contact office cleaning north Sydney company and avail the services after deciding on the price terms for the desired service package.