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Why Should You Switch to Copier Leasing?

You’re thinking of having a business, so you’re considering many things that you need to start one. You used photocopying services for your advertisements, and it worked fine. Now, you’re thinking of having your machine instead to save yourself from all the troubles. The question is, is it worth it?

You convinced yourself that buying a new copier is more worth it after thorough research. You found its benefits to your business helpful enough. But, let me ask you the question again: Is buying a new machine that worth it?

A copier is one of the most needed tools needed in your office, so it’s essential to manage your print and copy needs. Budgeting is a need when you’re handling a business. You have plenty of things to take care of, not only your office supplies, your employees, rent, and a lot more,

The good thing is you can avail copier leasing. By availing of copier leasing services, you can hold on to your remaining capital. Let’s look at several reasons why you should switch to copier leasing.

Capital Conservation. When you use a copier lease, you don’t have to spend plenty of money to get the copier you need.

No-down-payment. Many small businesses experience difficulties with cash flow. They must keep their cash available to help grow their business. Most leases don’t ask for a down payment, so you can get new equipment without using funds intended for other use. The money you will save upfront can go to other areas of your business that need improvement. Leasing guarantees no capital outlay.

Easy Budgeting. When you avail of copier leasing services in Seattle, the monthly rate is low and exact. Since you have a predetermined monthly cost, it’ll help have more effective budgeting. On top of that, you also don’t have to think about further maintenance costs. Leasing agreements include services and repairs at your negotiated price.

Up-to-date Equipment. Copiers become obsolete after a few years. With a lease, you can pass the financial burden of obsolescence to your provider. You can do it on a short-term basis and have the option to upgrade your copier after the lease expired. You can choose whatever is newer, faster and cheaper. Leasing can make a big difference in total costs, production, and labor. 

On-point Support. Copier leasing in Seattle has a maintenance and service plan to support you when it’s needed. Throughout the leasing term, you will have specialized technicians available 24/7.

Tax Benefits. When you lease your copier, you can write the payments off as business expenses at the end of the year. You then don’t have to worry about figuring out how to determine depreciation.

Keep up with the competition. Leasing allows your business to get the latest technology that might be unaffordable. You can always have the most updated hardware and software that you can use for your business. The result is you can keep up with your larger competitors better.

Apart from all the reasons stated above, leasing is a no-hassle process. There are many companies out there we’ll take on the challenges of managing your print and copy needs. Starting from installation to training, to setting up your printing stations, your devices. Their support continues with automatic toner delivery, replenishment, device diagnostics, and usage monitoring. Most of them have our team of experts who can provide help within 2 hours or less. Pretty stress-free, right?

As you can see, it makes plenty of sense for you to consider leasing a copier. Businesses need to weigh out all considerations for them to make the right choices. Once you’ve decided to take the path of copier leasing, you have to go for it without any hesitation. After all, why should you tie up a large amount of cash when you could use that money to establish or grow your business?