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Printed Text Looks Lousy: Call Technical Support

As students or working people, you always need to print hard copies to submit to their teachers or supervisors. You always want your documents to be printed correctly, so it’s easier for other people to read your work, and they won’t demand you to redo it due to poor printing wherein the text is unreadable. But what if that happens and you don’t know what to do? Should you call for tech support to help you solve your poor-quality of printing?

Are you willing to wait a long time on the phone to talk to tech support? What if you can’t afford to wait since it’s urgent? Have you tried looking for some simple reasons why your printing is lousy compared to your previous printing experience? If not, you can check some of the simple but easily solved issues below. You never know. It just might be one of those issues that you are facing now.

  1. One of them is paper issues. Sometimes the problem lies in the paper that you are using for printing. There is a lot of paper that you can choose from when printing your documents. It also depends on where you are going to use the paper that you will use for printing. There are standard papers, glossy papers, and many other kinds and sizes of paper.
  1. You can also check the paper settings before printing your documents. Sometimes, if you choose the wrong format, like the size of the paper or the kind of paper you’re going to use, it could cause problems with your printing output. You should always take note of this simple but sometimes overlooked matter when printing your documents. They can always have a big impact on your printing output quality.
  1. Then we have the ink cartridges problem. It can also be the source of your lousy printouts. You can check the ink levels or if there is any problem with the ink cartridge itself. You might also want to replace them if you have used the ink cartridge for a long time now. The ink cartridge might be needing to be replaced as it’s not functioning as it was when it was still newly bought.
  1. Another issue might be the print heads. If your printouts have fuzziness, blurriness, or even faint text, you might want to check on your printer’s print heads. The print heads might be dirty, and in need of cleaning, so you might want to look up instructions on how to clean your printer’s print heads. Modern printers have been built and programmed to clean themselves. So if you’re planning on buying a new printer, choose one that can self-clean to lessen your printer issue in the future.
Printed Text Looks Lousy: Call Technical Support

If none of these issues mentioned above are your printer issues, you might want to bring them to a technician. This time your printer might be having problems with the equipment itself. Tech support might be too far away to help solve your printer’s problem. Being able to troubleshoot simple issues is a good skill to have.

This skill can help you immediately or temporarily fix the issue with your printer, depending on how big or small the issue is when you encounter them. Once you are already knowledgeable in this simple troubleshooting, you won’t be scared to use a printer with issues because you already know how to handle such issues. You won’t panic if something like these mentioned issues were suddenly popping out of nowhere in your printer. You’ll be able to think calmly about what you should do next; after all, if you know what you’re doing, you can think calmly about what your next step would be. A lot of time can be saved that you can use in other things that you need to do if you know how to troubleshoot simple issues on your printer and print your documents immediately after fixing your equipment.

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