How to Prevent Copier From Malfunctions

Copier malfunctions cannot be avoided, especially if your business is inlined with creating copies or duplicates. If you are planning on buying a copier, here below are common copier malfunctions you can expect if you are planning to buy a copier. 

Here are some common copier malfunctions, along with some tips on how to fix them. 


A paper jam is the most widely recognized common copier problem. Sometimes this happens if you use fragile paper incompatible with your printer or copier. When you put too little on your paper plate, it can cause paper jam too. You have to put the right amount of paper to run smoothly.

But if it happens pretty often, even using the right paper and the right amount for your paper plate, you might need to assess some other factors. Fixing these issues requires somebody physically eliminating the stuck paper and reloading the appropriate paper size or amending the paper arrangement.

 There’s likewise the issue of paper dust, which tends to obstruct machines and cause paper jams. The most ideal way to stay away from paper dust is to wipe the feed tires clean and vacuum away residue developed inside the copier.


When you duplicate a report with introductory text or pictures, and your completed duplicate contains streaks, lines, or different distortions, there’s an issue with the copier. There are numerous reasons this issue can happen, so finding an answer can require a touch of printer investigating.


The primary issue is settled by eliminating impedances and cleaning the scanner glass and mirrors. See your copier’s client manual for appropriate cleaning guidelines. These issues ought to be tended to by reaching your specialist organization.

So if you are unsure what to do, reach out to an expert. You might make the problem worse if you will just explore fixing it on your own without proper knowledge. 


Low, unfilled, or failing toner cartridges can cause issues inside your copier. Toner can fail due to compatibility issues. Therefore, ensure that you are using the toner right for your copier. 

Badly creased PAGES

Badly crumpled pages often result from broken-down feed and leave rollers that cause staying or sticking. 

If the paper plate is perceptibly harmed under any circumstance, don’t utilize it anymore. For issues with a paper plate, you can buy substitutions. You just need to buy the one on sale if you think it is too much for your budget. 

Nonetheless, fixing the fuser gathering and feed rollers needs the help of a specialist. You can also use an unbranded one for as long as it is highly recommended. 


Issues with daintiness and murkiness on duplicate pages are the aftereffect of an irregularity in the thickness controls on the copier. Somebody might have incidentally adjusted the settings beforehand, making ensuing pictures replicated excessively light or dim. 


This copier issue comprises arbitrary varieties of dabs damaging a generally excellent duplicate. Assuming you notice the dabs in a similar spot without fail, it is possible an issue of mirror or glass. Yet again, this can be cured by appropriately clearing off the glass and mirrors.


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While doing all the proposed solutions, never use force while stacking or dumping paper from the machine. Second, make a point to follow the installations on the copier to keep away from mileage issues. 

Finally, have the copier cleaned expertly every once in a while. As may be obvious, numerous components need checking to keep your copier or printer working productively