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Frequently Asked Questions About Printing and Copying

There are several questions regarding the copier and printing machines. Numerous who have a lot of queries are customers and the curious public.With that, here are the collections or list of the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions about copiers and printers.


1. If the printing and copying did not operate well, what are the most common problems of these machines resulting in its malfunctioning? 

It is one of the most FAQs of machine owners wanting to figure it out. They are messing up with the printing and copying papers because they do not know what the real issue is. For instance, the problem is the paper jams or pieces of papers were left on the machine.The problem may be one of the following; the paper was not properly placed in the machine, or there is dirt in it, or etc. So, always check if there are paper jams before the system and produce hand-outs.

2. How much would it cost to have a copy or printer?

 A good copier machine costs $175.00 and for a good printer machine, a person will spend $800.00. These prices are the usual machines used at homes and offices but the other types are like multi – task and commercial printer machines, it may cost more.

3. Can the ink cartridges be recycled or reused?

Fortunately yes, if the machine used were broken then the ink cartridge can still be reused or recycled.All you have to do is to take it slowly and place to the new machine.However, it will only work if the ink ridges fit the machine and if not, then it can’t be reused or recycled.

Frequently Asked Questions About Printing and Copying

4. Why does printing not work even if it is connected or plugged in?

 When encountered in a situation like this, a hard reset of the printer will be the best solution. What you will do is to turn off the printer, unplug it and plug it again after several minutes. If this is still not working, set the printer and computer off or reset both machines.

5. What are the methods to prevent printers and copies from damages? 

First is to do the reading of the manual as it is an effective way to know how to handle the machine.Next, always clean and check inside and out. You have to do dust removing, glass and drum cleaning, ink checking, so that efficient production occurs. Then, ask someone for repair and maintenance if they don’t have the knowledge and skills about it to avoid more problems.

6. Whom will you contact if troubles are occurring? 

The responsible ones for this matter are the seller of the product or the company where you purchased the thing, call the company and ask one of the staff to evaluate and solve the problems. If you already know anyone whom you think has the prior skills, it might be good to ask for help from that person.

7. How important is a printer and a copier to offices and homes? 

 If you’re curious or still don’t know how relevant it is, the answers are as follows; it has the ability to finish tasks so easily and there is no need in finding a place that offers such service. It will not be a hassle for someone as it saves time, effort, money, and increases productivity and efficiency.It lets someone meet his or her deadlines and do other work.

In summary, these questions frequently asked me to answer so that they could get ideas and knowledge to be used when dealing with printing and copier machines. There are so many questions but answers are not available for someone to answer.

Look above if your questions about printers and copiers are there.

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