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Fastest Solution To A Broken Copier

Every day of corporate life not only makes a human being wear down but makes office equipment depreciation as well. From the occasional paper jams to the daily workload these devices undergo, it is not a new story if an old reliable copier finally rested its case. If you ponder and realize what these devices aided you to accomplish, they did a pretty amazing job.

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Listed below are four ways on how offices can find a solution when their copier or printer breaks down.

  1. You can utilize the IT department’s skills and resources. However, this is not advisable due to the fact that it will cost a fortune.
  2. Buy a new one to replace the old one, especially if the device is a proven knock-off or an impulse buy because of that sale. This advice is also applicable when the costs of repairing the device is way more than what you paid for.
  3. You can look for repair centers specializing on these areas. This advice works well for small enterprises and only a number of units needs to be fixed.
  4. You can avail of a contract from a service provider that can easily maintain and support your devices.

While all four choices present their own benefits, the best option in most cases is to hire a regular maintenance service provider to do the job. Here are the reasons why:

Professional Team

Whenever an issue rises and you decide to call our IT service desk team, the nearest technician around your area will immediately be assigned to fix your problem. If problem still persists in the future, the same technician will aid you so that they will be equipped with prior knowledge as to what issues prevailed before and what type of printer or copier your office has.

Single Experienced Team

One great thing about our services is that we are adept and highly skilled in repairing, servicing and installing various types of copiers, printers, and other office equipment. You don’t need to call varying technicians for specific repairs anymore. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll repair all of your office equipment.

Genuine Parts and Support

We know how important copiers and printers are in every day’s work. Often, technicians visit your office as soon as we receive the call and they solve the equipment’s issue and problems during the day. In order to increase the serviceable life of an equipment, we only use authentic and genuine parts. Especially when critical issues have been detected, using genuine parts is a necessity.

Complete Reporting

For the customers have the complete information and awareness of what has been done to their equipment or what the issue has been, we make sure that every request has been reported through e-mails to the customer. Feedbacks are also valued regarding the services offered by our technicians as it will help in providing better service in the future.

There is a lot of things that our printers and copiers help us with each and every task. However, we must see to it that we maintain a close and regular look at how our machines work in order to lengthen its serviceable time and with a managed contract, the business can do so with ease. Also, in the long-term perspective, it is a much cheaper option.